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Dr Larry Malerba discusses Autism Treatment with Teri Arranga on Autism One Radio.

Heather Walker’s son, Meki, was a normally developing child until age 3. A vaccine injury caused his health and verbal abilities to decline. Using only homeopathy, Heather, with Dr. Malerba’s help, was able to turn Meki’s path around. Dr. Malerba discusses the homeopathic treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. LISTEN HERE


Podcast: Medical Treatment vs Genuine Healing

In the is episode of the NAB Communities Podcast, Dr Malerba discusses some of the biggest problems with Western medicine and outlines the benefits of switching to a holistic approach to healthcare. The current U.S. healthcare system is in a state of disarray. Americans are seeking alternative and complementary medical treatments with increasing fervor, spending more than $27 billion annually. In his book, GREEN MEDICINE, Malerba–a leader in the field of holistic medicine for more than twenty years–clearly explains the differences between the notion of medical “treatment” and the dynamics of genuine “healing.”

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Blog Talk Radio: A Conversation between Lea Yekutiel and DocMalerba

Host of Blog Talk Radio, Lea is a breast cancer survivor who turned her life around by changing her belief system and her attitude. Dr Malerba discusses the nature of suppression, new medical paradigm thinking, bioenergetic healing, and the roles of spirituality and consciousness in holistic healing. LISTEN NOW…



Global Medicine Review is a talk show hosted by Dr Kamau Kokayi and dedicated to exploring topics of interest in medicine, holistic health, and culture and healing. Dr Kokayi interviews Dr Larry Malerba about his new book, GREEN MEDICINE. Orthodox allopathic and alternative paradigms of healing are compared. Dr Malerba shares some case histories to highlight the value of thinking outside of the conventional medical box. LISTEN HERE NOW


A Conversation between Dr Larry Malerba and Host Amy Cavanaugh on the Spiritual Learning Connection

The program begins with a Grateful Dead cover tune, which is followed by a discussion of holism, homeopathy, ADHD, energy medicine, soul retrieval, the mind-body split, East-West spirituality, vaccines, psychic abilities, and more. LISTEN NOW



DocMalerba discusses Traumatic Brain Injury on Healthy Medicine Radio

Dr Robert Zieve and Dr Malerba discuss the use of homeopathic medicine in treating concussions and traumatic brain injury.

Listen to Episode #110 Here

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