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The Bioenergetic Basis of Illness (Part II)

The Bioenergetic Basis of Illness (Part II)

By: Larry Malerba, DO, DHt – In Part I we discussed how some of the energy of a moving car is transferred to the persons in the vehicle after a crash. Thus, we can conceptualize whiplash, for example, as more than just physical trauma since it also manifests as a result of energy becoming locked, so to speak, in the […]

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Can Grief Cause Chronic Illness?

Can Grief Cause Chronic  Illness?

By Larry Malerba, DO, DHt – Aside from the many self-inflicted and medically induced causes of illness such as smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol and drug abuse, pharmaceutical side effects, allopathic suppression, and surgeries gone awry, perhaps the most common “natural” cause of chronic illness is unresolved grief. Grief is natural in the sense that everyone is faced with the issue […]

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