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Skeptiko Interview: How Materialism Fails Medicine

Skeptiko Interview: How Materialism Fails Medicine

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Dr. Larry Malerba to discuss his work with homeopathy and the limitations of materialistic medical science.

Dr. Larry Malerba: Conventional science and conventional medicine have their distinct limitations and they tend to often overstep their bounds, oftentimes not knowing that they’re doing it or not understanding why or how they’re doing it. And that perspective I have learned from practicing my own alternative form of medicine. So from practicing homeopathy I see the flaws of conventional medicine and I see where it has gotten it wrong. And another sort of idea is that conventional medicine and conventional science tend to have this attitude, increasingly in our time, that science is science and therefore it’s correct because it’s science; not understanding that there are a whole slew of metaphysical-philosophical beliefs that underpin that science. LISTEN HERE


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