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Metaphysics and Medicine:

Restoring Freedom of Thought to the Art and Science of Healing

fcover1Dr. Malerba’s new book is now available. Here is a short preview:

The increasingly dysfunctional nature of modern medicine is rooted in a lack of awareness of its own mistaken beliefs regarding health and disease. Believing that it comes down to a matter of hard science, medicine is disinclined to examine those largely unconscious beliefs. As a consequence, medicine lacks a coherent philosophy to help make sense of the complex dynamics of illness, healing, and mind-body relationships. Most medical dysfunction can be traced to this absence of guiding principles, which, if remedied, would revolutionize the practice of medicine. Western medicine is guided by an outdated paradigm badly in need of revision.

Dr. Malerba demonstrates how metaphysical beliefs have a profound impact on medical theory, therapeutic strategies, and practical medical outcomes. The great philosophical misconception is that scientific objectivity teaches us that personal experience cannot be trusted. Metaphysics & Medicine is about the philosophical and practical differences between science as it was originally conceived, science as it is construed by mainstream medicine today, the particularly disturbing modern trend called scientism, and a more authentic and inclusive form of future medical science that will no longer ignore human consciousness and the lessons learned from subjective experience.

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Endorsements for Metaphysics & Medicine:

“The worldview of reductionistic scientism, all too often conflated with science itself, lies at the root of many of the ills of the modern world. This volume clearly highlights the detrimental influence of scientism in the field of medicine and challenges us all to restore open-minded objectivity to understanding the body-mind and the true nature of healing. I highly recommend it to everyone concerned with healing ourselves and the planet.”
–B. ALAN WALLACE, President, Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, author of Genuine Happiness: Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment

“All healers and patients can benefit from this impressive and lucid discussion of philosophical principles as they pertain to conventional and holistic medical systems. An important contribution to our literature.”
–GEORGE VITHOULKAS, recipient of the Alternative Nobel Prize, author of Materia Medica Viva, and founder and director of the Alonissos Academy

“Malerba offers us a wholly different view, one that honors subjective experience and establishes a truly spiritual basis for the practice of medicine. He offers a whole different philosophy of medicine, one that is not only green, but includes the entire “rainbow” of our experience, our world, and the infinite Reality to which we are all inseparably connected.”
–DON SALMON, psychologist and author of Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of Consciousness

“Mainstream medical practitioners today are more akin to car mechanics than healers. This book is an important and timely step in helping reverse such an alarming trend. It seeks to restore the crucial role of consciousness and philosophy in the healing arts. A truly healthy future for our civilization requires no less.”
–BERNARDO KASTRUP, author of Why Materialism Is Baloney



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