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Flu Flu Everywhere! And Not a Shot to Spare?

Flu Flu Everywhere! And Not a Shot to Spare?

Contributing writer, Shelley Tzorfas, makes an impassioned plea to be wary of the promises of safety and protection that supposedly come with the latest vaccines marketed by PhRMA. It is better to be informed and safe than uninformed and sorry.

Almost everywhere you go there are signs that flu season is here. Not symbolic signs like runny noses, but literal ones. “Free flu shots” signs appear in front of big box type drugstores and pharmacies. $10 Off coupons are offered in large grocery stores if you get the shot while buying bananas and chicken.

Schools are now pulling children out of classes and injecting them without parental permission in some areas. In a recent case in Chicago, a school was fully aware that the mother did not give permission for her daughter to be injected and even had a vaccine exemption filed at the school. Nevertheless, the school overrode the parent’s decision, and the little girl became ill from the shot. Surprisingly, most Americans believe that a case like this is an exception. They feel removed from the situation.

Since statistics regarding vaccines and their outcomes are being manipulated, it makes it easy to believe that vaccines are somehow magical in their ability to stop diseases. Surely, people don’t believe that the added aluminum, anti-freeze, embalming fluid, and MSG provide valuable nutritional building blocks for their infants, children, and teens. Perhaps people believe the propaganda that we are fortunate to live in modern times when “contagious epidemics” like chicken pox can no longer kill large numbers of Americans or Canadians, thanks to the chicken pox vaccine’s availability which started around 1995.

I was surprised to find out that after 1995, although most children had already been vaccinated against the illness, there were still large outbreaks of chicken pox among students in some school districts. I telephoned a particular health care worker and asked, “I thought you said that children can no longer get the chicken pox because of the vaccination?”  “Well” she replied, “the vaccine is only 75% effective but the form of the disease is much milder now thanks to the shot.”

I watched as unvaccinated children with the classic symptoms of itchy, bumpy skin stayed home from school for approximately 5 days of bed rest. The children who had been vaccinated left the school for only 4 and a half days. What a relief! Thanks to the chemicals added to the vaccine including fetal cells, parts of rats’ brains, dog kidney cells, squalene, and other adjuvants designed to trick the body into generating an immune response, kids were able to return to school a full half day earlier.

Vaccination promoters failed to point out the fact that, because the relatively new chicken pox shot contains live virus, the odds of catching shingles, a more serious, painful, and chronic condition would go up by over 10,000%. Don’t believe the numbers? Just go to my Facebook page and you can see the photos of children and teens with shingles that I periodically post there. The developers of the chicken pox shot knew that the incidence of shingles would rise. But we were to rest assured, because they could also provide us with a vaccine for shingles, too.

There are a lot of articles providing evidence of the fact that 1 in 6 children are now developmentally disabled (this includes autism), one in five are neurologically impaired, and one in ten are diagnosed with ADHD. We have become so accustomed to these terms and abbreviations that most people don’t even need to look up what they mean anymore! And this doesn’t even take into account the increasing rates of diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome, and various other maladies.

This article is more about the coming day when there will be a fight among medical professionals clamoring to be the ones who will have the privilege to vaccinate you and your family. During the H1N1 scare, when people waited on long lines shoving each other to be able to get the new flu vaccine, public questions were being asked in the media, “Who will be entitled to these shots that are in limited supply; infants or healthcare workers, the ill or the young?” These questions were being raised on the evening news, late night news, good morning news, lunchtime news, radio news, daytime talk shows, afternoon talk shows, in schools, colleges, and around the dinner table.

Amazingly, to date, there have been around 250 confirmed deaths throughout the United States as a result of H1N1, far less than flu outbreaks in other years. So few were found to be positive for this particular flu strain that testing was curtailed. Nevertheless, it was assumed that, if your family had the flu, it must have been H1N1 as implied by statements from the CDC and WHO-World Health Organization.

H1N1 scare tactics accomplished their intended goal. Until the year 2009, only elderly people around age 65 and up were routinely advised to get an annual flu shot. As a consequence of the magnitude of that scare, the pharmaceutical industry was able to usher in a new way of thinking. By 2010, nearly everyone was semi-mandated, urged, or coerced into getting a flu shot on a yearly basis. School kids, infants over the age of 6 months, seniors, college students, teachers, plus everyone who might come near a family member with a newborn were being urged to get a flu shot annually. Many in hospital settings including employees, emergency room patients, delivery persons, and elevator operators were urged to be vaccinated—or risk being fired as happened recently in the Midwest.

Are you beginning to see my point? Now even pregnant mothers in ANY stage of pregnancy are being injected with untested flu vaccines. Sure, there is talk of protection from harm because the vaccine components are not supposed to be able to cross the blood brain barrier, but reports of a 4000% increase in traumatic fetal deaths has conveniently not made its way into the mainstream press as of yet. We already know that the shot is live and can therefore shed illness to others. It also contains thimerosal, which is composed of 49.6% mercury! But the statistics are just arranged and then rearranged in order to give a favorable impression of safety and effectiveness.

Prior to H1N1, private doctor’s offices administered the flu shot. After H1N1, the vaccination was made available nearly everywhere, with retailers marketing against each other to be the one to give the shot. Initially, the flu shot cost around $75.00, but the price has gone down progressively as the competition has gone up.  And when the shot is offered for free, do you think this is out of the goodness of the vaccine maker’s heart? Does something smell fishy to you too? Supposedly free flu shots bring in millions of dollars to pharmaceutical corporations because our taxes actually cover the cost. Even though you did not necessarily agree to this, you are still indirectly forced to pay for it.

The fight that I am anticipating is likely to be between the druggist from the big box store, the pediatrician, and the local grocery store. “I was here first.” “No I should be the one to give it, after all, I am the doctor.” “But I am the nurse sent to set up the vaccine tables by the medical insurance company.  Everyone knows that nurses give more shots and are better at it than doctors!”

With the 70-plus shots currently given to growing children by the age of 18, it is not hard to see what a financial bonanza it can bring to a doctor’s office. But when that exclusive privilege is taken away from doctors’ offices and spread to pharmacies, schools, and even grocery stores, what will happen to the relied upon revenue stream of the pediatrician? I predict tempers will fly between the new generation of pharmacists, large pediatric conglomerates, and school nurses. I can just hear the arguments now, “You gave it them last year, it’s my turn this year!”

Finally, there is yet another issue that some may not have anticipated. The supposed protection that comes from a flu shot does not last for even a single year. Ergo, the YEARLY flu shot. As we speak, a bunch of scientists backed by corporate executives are sitting around a table speculating about what flu strain will be the one to appear next year. They will then make a new vaccine concoction based upon their guesswork. It’s a lot like gambling. Sometimes the odds are in your favor, other times they are not. I ask you, are we playing Russian roulette with the health of our children?


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