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Dynamic Medicine

Dynamic Medicine:

The World According to Homeopathy

by Larry Malerba, DO
with a Foreword by Francis Treuherz

Larry Malerba has written what I hope will become a modern classic. I cannot pay him a higher compliment than this. This is a book for everyone.

–Francis Treuherz, MA, RSHom, FSHom, author of Homeopathy in the Irish Potato Famine and Genius of Homeopathy

Dynamic Medicine

Dynamic Medicine will change the way you think about homeopathy…

Are you looking to expand your understanding of homeopathy beyond the typical boilerplate explanations that you’ve heard before? Are you puzzled by all the controversy over why mainstream medicine refuses to acknowledge the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment? Then look no further. Dynamic Medicine is an insider’s no-nonsense guide to the mysteries of homeopathic healing and the lessons it teaches us about health and illness, mind and body, and the dynamic nature of true energy healing. Dr. Malerba brings thirty years of experience to his refreshing analysis of this 200 year old healing art and science.



Finally, a book about homeopathy written from a homeopath’s perspective!

While homeopathy is the second most commonly used form of medicine around the world today, it is also the most misunderstood and controversial. Malerba addresses those controversies head-on and challenges mainstream medical science’s erroneous assumptions regarding this historically resilient and remarkably effective method of healing.

Dynamic Medicine provides an unusually candid appraisal of homeopathy, which, to the uninitiated, appears to defy conventional scientific understanding. To the contrary, Dr. Malerba demonstrates how homeopathy is a legitimate scientific discipline in its own right. He provides an insightful critique of the shortcomings of orthodox medicine, which is compared point for point with homeopathy. He explains how Western medicine lacks the requisite tools and understanding to adequately deal with illness, and how homeopathy’s unique approach takes full advantage of the human body’s innate capacity to heal itself.

While most homeopathy books are either simple introductory texts or complex references for professionals, Dynamic Medicine walks a fine line, offering a sophisticated overview suitable for both newcomers and those already acquainted with the topic, one that challenges the reader to think deeply about the nature of illness. Malerba demonstrates homeopathic principles utilizing numerous patient case histories, which help the reader to understand homeopathy’s radical and revolutionary approach, an approach that is oftentimes alien to the conventional medical way of understanding.

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