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Dream for Mother Earth

Dream for Mother Earth

The recent celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day should cause us all to pause and reflect for a moment. In this courageous, powerful, and prescient piece, guest blogger, Oriethyia, brings us a message from a dream that she received. It is a message of hope regarding the trajectory of the planet we inhabit and the role we can play in healing our Mother, the Earth.

by Oriethyia – In the dream I have somehow put out a call in my town to anyone who wants to hear what I have to say. I am torn by fears of being arrogant in this; concerned that the message I have received is a product of my imagination and not truly a warning and opportunity for preparation. I fear being criticized for my ego. I fear that being true.

I know that I have to do what I am about to do despite all my ego-centered fears. The call is that strong.

I walk into the room; about 30 people have assembled. I take a deep breath and begin to speak:

Thank you all for coming. I see by who has assembled that you are all friends, acquaintances or students.

Please listen to what I say with a discerning ear. I may be completely wrong. This may just be my own hopes and fears speaking.

I awoke this morning knowing that all beings are endangered, perhaps beyond our ability to make enough change in too short a time. And I was given a method, a way to try.

I don’t want a show of hands, it’s none of my business, but answer these questions for yourselves.

Do you pray or meditate? If not regularly, would you be willing to commit to a specific practice for a while?

Do you participate in any form of energy healing regularly? Prayer, Reiki, Yoga, Chi Gong, or anything similar? If not, would you be willing to learn one for the sake of Mother Earth and all Her Children?

I believe we are all being called to no lesser duty than to midwife The Planet and all Beings through a possibly devastating rebirth. Too many of us have waited too long to make serious changes in the ways we live given the climate change we have been denying or ignoring. It may be too late to act; we may be beyond the tipping point.

Will you act anyway? You already know all the things we need to do. I’m not here to remind you or offer guilt about that.

I am here to ask you to share this Call with anyone you think might listen. Do it any way you like, using any methods to which you have access. And here is the core of it:

However you connect to the Universe, God, Divinity, do so now and for at least the next three months. Daily. Pray for the Healing of Mother Earth. Pray for Healing for All Beings. Pray that the Oceans be healed and all their creatures. Pray that Forests be Healed and Deserts and Mountains. Pray for the Healing of the Air we breathe and the ground of being the world over. Pray that Humans be Healed; perhaps then we will cease causing so much damage.

Resist the urge to specify how the Healing should take place. That limits The Infinite. It’s ego that tells us we know how these things should be done.

But on the Earth Plane, do all that you can. Paper not plastic, recycle everything you can, go solar, geothermal, wind, and so on. If you cannot afford that, meet with neighbors to see if ways can be found and call on the governing powers to change the economic equation so such renewable energies can be used by billions more of us.

And if you are sitting here thinking you are not a “spiritual” person and have no healing methods, then I can give you a guide to a “mental exercise” to use. Every day. For at least three months.

I cannot stress how important I awoke knowing this will be.

Now here’s the hardest part.

With every prayer you send to this purpose, every meditation or dance, or energy healing dedicated to Mother Earth, there is another that must also be done.

We must Forgive. Forgive each other for being human. Forgive the Unforgivable.  The Rainforest Deforestation. The slaughter of any animal that we have killed for food or warmth or profit without thanking for its service to us. Every plant we’ve harvested without Gratitude.

And all the human sacrifices. The genocides. The Diasporas born of profit, indifference or neglect. The enslavement of one people by another.

Every decision made out of hate, profit or without thought to the cost to any Beings. Everything. The harder to Forgive the more Crucial the Forgiveness.

How do we forgive the perpetrators and supporters of genocide? With all our wide-open hearts. I say Forgive. Never Forget.

If you have no practice that teaches how, try this:

Lie quietly and let your breathing become calm.

Envision The Heart of Compassion in a beautiful clear sky above you.

Imagine The Heart of Compassion sending a tendril of light to the center of Your waiting heart.

Let the Heart of Compassion feed your own heart.

Feel how, over the minutes, your heart fills and grows.

Let this continue until you feel your heart so full of Love it can take no more.

Let your own heart be full of Compassion.

Now, take into your heart the image of someone with whom you have tremendous trouble.

Begin saying, out loud, ‘I forgive you …’ Use the persons name every time you say this.

It won’t be true the first many times you say it. Keep doing it anyway. Do it again and again, day after day until it Becomes true.

Once you are comfortable with the general practice, forgive yourself in the same way. Forgive groups for what they have or have not done to foster compassion, care for The Earth and all Her

Creatures. There is no end to what needs Forgiveness.

We have been so destructive to one another, too often choosing Force instead of Power. We have done possibly irreparable damage to Mother Earth. We have too often chosen the convenient over the good, the short-term profit over what profits All Beings for at least the next Seven Generations.

This is what I have been told to tell all who will listen. Now you go and tell all who you believe will listen. Or do not. It is, as all such things inevitably are, your choice.

If you have doubts, you are not alone. I feel a Fool. Yet I am compelled. I learned long ago to stand tall, even if Foolish, and speak my truth.

Thank you coming tonight. Thank you for listening. Thank you for helping raise the vibration of Humanity. It is Essential. Together, with all others who will listen and act, maybe, just maybe, the Earth Changes will be less devastating than they might otherwise be. If we are lucky. If we put Compassion at the Center of all our actions. If we are brave Fools.

If this is a true message it is far from the first.

Let us all pray it is not the last.

At this point in the dream, I wake, crying and shaking. I share the dream with Beloved then head for my computer to begin documenting it for this blog.

It has taken me weeks to finish editing, getting the right feel, the correct words. It has taken weeks because every time I tried to approach it I fell to tears. Touching the dream again made me feel weak, tired, overwhelmed.

I could not sleep last night. It seemed the perfect time to try again.

Now it is here before you. Read it or don’t. Take it to heart or leave it on the page. Embrace the Practices or let it be someone else’s dream. As always, the choice is yours.

Oriethyia is a feminist, ritualist, poet, and writer. She brings a very down-to-earth mystic’s view to politics, matters of spirit, and to living with challenges and choosing to thrive. She lives in upstate, New York. She encourages all to copy and/or share this dream document. Read more at her blog: The Journey So Far


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