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Can It Help Me?

Can Homeopathy Help Me?

Each Person’s Health Problem Is Unique

The choice of homeopathic medicine for a given person is a highly individualized process. A thorough and detailed interview and examination is conducted in order to collect the necessary medical information. A detailed analysis of an individual’s symptom patterns is then required to guide your doctor to the proper choice of homeopathic medicine.

For example, a person whose asthma flares up between 2-4AM may require a different homeopathic medicine than a person whose asthma is triggered by cold damp weather, or whose asthma is worse in hot humid weather.

What Health Conditions Can Homeopathy Help?

We have found that homeopathy can be very effective in helping a wide range of problems. It is useful in treating acute illnesses like fevers, ear infections, coughs, and the flu. It is also helpful in treating chronic illnesses such as headaches, allergies, arthritis, and digestive problems. And it can also be effective in helping emotional difficulties like anxiety, depression, attention problems, and phobias.


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