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Spirit, Science, & Healing is a forum for cutting edge ideas regarding holistic health and green healing. New paradigm healing takes the mind-body unity for granted and seeks to integrate the best healing methods of all worlds, both conventional and unconventional.

Conventional medicine operates from within an outdated materialist paradigm. Its flawed philosophical assumptions allow it to address only the role of the physical body in illness. Denying the place of mind, bioenergetics, consciousness, and spirit, it fails to acknowledge holistic reality. As a consequence, it is permanently stuck in a dead end drugs-and-surgery mode of dealing with heath issues.

Authentic science accepts the reality of consciousness and rejects the scientistic claim that only conventional science provides useful information. Authentic science values the knowledge gained from personal experience and rejects claims that so-called anecdotal information is inferior.

The way forward demands a return to freethinking in medicine, the restoration of patient choice and autonomy, and a renewed belief in the value of personal experience when it comes to health and healing.


We welcome well-written original articles that address health related issues and the role of mind, emotion, heart, spirit, soul, bioenergetics, and consciousness in healing. Topics of particular interest include holistic medicine, wisdom traditions, new paradigm thought, philosophy of medicine, holistic self-help, spirituality and healing, shamanism and indigenous perspectives, and critiques of conventional science and medicine.


Authors retain all rights to articles that we publish. Articles should be edited and 500-1,500 words in length. Include a short to medium length biography and an optional link to your website. We reserve the right to make small edits without altering the spirit and intent of the content. You will be notified if we choose to accept your submission. Send submissions to

Gallery Contributions:

We welcome submission of images to our homeopathic gallery. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. We are particularly interested in images of:

1. Homeopathic institutions (past and present)
2. Historical homeopathic persons
3. Substances that remedies are made from.

All images must be free from copyright and will be made available to others for not-for-profit and educational uses.


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